Steel mesh skeleton plastic clad pipe-Steel mesh skeleton plastic clad pipe

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Product description
Wire Network skeleton plastic (polyethylene) composite tube is a has performance excellent of composite pipe, structure features is to winding in tube body Shang formed of network grid-like enhanced wire layer for enhanced skeleton, its both inside and outside layer to high-density polyethylene for matrix, and through hot melt glue composite by continuous extrusion forming, guarantee high strength wire and both inside and outside layer PE Zhijian hot melt stick received for one, thus obtained of new environmental pipe. It retains its steel pipe excellent bearing properties, performance and good health retaining the plastic pipe is easy to lay, reliable technology, long life and other characteristics. Applies not only to services and construction of water supply and drainage, fire and gas delivery, and can be widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other industrial media handling.

Steel mesh skeleton plastic clad pipe

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