★ In 1999, the Oriental church founded the industrial hub of Guangdong Shunde; 
★ In 2003, the commercial steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe production line successful operation; 
★ In 2004, drafted the industry standard for polyethylene composite pipe steel mesh skeleton CJ/T189-2004; 
★ In 2005, the wire mesh has been involved in developing technical specification for polyethylene composite pipe CECS181-2005; 
★ In 2006, approved by the Department of science and technology established Foshan plastics compound pipe engineering research and Development Center; 
★ In 2007, access to the main Olympic Stadium in Beijing National Stadium (bird's nest) suppliers of engineering qualifications; 
★ In 2008, the "East Wu ten years" was awarded famous brand of Guangdong Province; 
★ In 2009, he was named as national high-tech enterprise; 
★ In 2010, Shunde, selected "Dragon plans" major support, technical projects included in the national development and Reform Commission, the central capital investment projects; 
★ In 2011, corporate technique Center was identified as the "provincial Enterprise Technology Center"; 
★ 2012 bid and complete project rocket base and other key projects in Hainan Island. 
★ In 2013, the company was named the clean production enterprise of Guangdong Province. 

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